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cJourneyTM is a Child Learning UK product and successfully launched in India via a Franchise in 2016. We have also launched cJourney in the UK in November, 2019 and have paid and repeat customers.

cJourneyTM is a suite of products aiming at Minimizing the Communication Gap between parents, pupils and Institutes such as nurseries, day cares, crèches, primary school, secondary school, tuition and coaching centers.

cJourneyTM currently has 25+ Active Schools with 2000+ Active Users including both Parents and Teachers in India and UK. The user base is growing at a rate of 400% per six months due to the high acceptance, usefulness and user friendly interface of the Applications and Web Portal.

Usage & Growth Analysis

Since it’s alpha launch in 2017, cJourneyTM have managed to provide a set of stable products such as Web Portal, Android Apps and iOS Apps. Along with that we have also managed to make some new feature additions such as eClasses Solutions, Document Upload, Bulk Upload (Student Data), Attendance on a page, Fee Management to our Web Portal and/or Mobile Apps.

We also started eDevices Commerce initiatives to our institutes and parents directly at discount price, even cheaper than Amazon. This is very big market in the UK and in India.

Now we need your support to further sell our products and expand our Marketing Reach in both UK& India.

Join our mission to enhance Parent-Teacher-Pupil Interaction in order to understand and build a better future for our children together.

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