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Treating the Childhood Angst

Childhood Angst

Being a parent is the most difficult task especially for the first-time parents. They have to face so many challenges and one of them is managing the childhood angst. The nature of fear changes as children grow and develop.

When a toddler (10-18 months) is admitted in a preschool they experience separation anxiety. They become emotionally distressed which leads in sudden change of their behavior, to an extent that they stop talking to anyone. But this change is temporary. They take some time to acclimatize to new environment, people and conditions.

With age the type of fear changes. This include fear of ghosts, demon, strangers, darkness, animals, insects and being left alone. These anxieties and fears are normal. As children grow one fear may replace another.

How to deal with this?

Most of the child’s fear will disappear with time but don’t expect a quick -fix. It may take months or years to conquer his/her fear. Try the following strategies to help your child overcome her fears.

 Never smile or laugh at her fear whether it seems silly to you.

 Never belittle the fear as a way of forcing your child to overcome it.

 Explain and talk about it.​

 Together you and your child can increase her sense of power and control over things.

For all children certain amount of fear and anxiety is normal. But there are certain children who need special attention. Consult your child therapist if:

 His fear increases over time.

 Your child becomes so fearful that it becomes difficult to calm him/her down.

 He/She cannot perform his daily activities like going to toilet alone.

The best thing you can do as a parent to love and support your children and they will certainly overcome any feat they have.

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