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Poetry and Brain Development

brain development

Poetry is a form of literature that expresses the intensity of emotions with aesthetics of a language. It is often conveyed through means of rhymes which gives it a specific tone and makes it easier to remember. Memory on the other is hand is nothing more than a mechanism through which our brain stores and remembers information.

Poetry plays a crucial role in brain development and acts as a brain booster for child during their early childhood as they learn new words through rhythm and sound. It is analogous to us, as adults, being able to remember the lyrics of our favorite song more easily than learning difficult dates of ancient history. It helps in overall development of the brain and boosts the following areas –

  1. Language Development – It is a process through which a child starts knowing a language. Language is a tool for registering our memories. Getting to know a language and learn new words through poetry hence results in the development of language. Rhymes help them practice pitch, volume and tone which needs coordination with the voice.
  2. Physical Development – Reciting rhymes help in children getting a better hold over their breath, tongue and mouth movements. This happens due to the musical structure of rhymes which makes it easier for child to coordinate all these aspects.
  3. Cognitive Development – The similar sounding words used in poems and rhymes enable children to know about homophones, words which have same pronunciation or sound but have different meanings. They also identify patterns through these rhymes which may further help them learn sequences. Knowing about all this enhances their thinking and understanding abilities which prepares them for learning advanced skills such as numbers or a new language.
  4. Emotional Development – Rhymes helps child in establishing a healthy relation with other child and grown ups around them. They encourage a childs’ sense of humor and emotional attachments with poems they read or learn along with their parents. When a child feels lonely he can easily recall the rhymes they shared with their parents and feel happy if he is not with family at that moment.

Hence, the importance of Poetry and Rhymes can never be underestimated during the early childhood days. It not only makes learning new things fun for a child but also imprints a deep and long-lasting impact on their brains that prepares them for the next level of studies at primary school and upcoming future.

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