Teachers Tips For Parents

Being a teacher is the most respectful and at same time the toughest job of all. It requires a lot of patience, will power and natural love for kids . We mothers get tired in handling just one child. Imagine how it would be if we were asked to wrangle 20 children at once in a class. Parents wrestle with…

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How To Protect Your Children From Smog?

Every year between November  and January a thick blanket of pollutants called “Smog” cover  Delhi  and nearby areas UP, Haryana, Punjab. The blue skies turn grey. These harmful air pollutants make you sick or have an adverse effect on your health. It is the children who suffer the most in such atmospheric conditions. People generally prefer to move out of Delhi …

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Make A Teacher’s Life Easier

We all know how busy a teacher’s life is. So much of stress they go through. Finishing syllabus  is the biggest task for them as the school has maximum number of holidays which makes it difficult for them to complete the syllabus on time. Teachers make sure that they utilize every minute in the class. It is  tedious for the…

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How To Keep Your Children Busy this Winter Week?

As soon as the winter break starts the one phrase that parents hear the most is “I’m getting bored”. Children spend most of the time watching T.V.  It is a good practice to plan activities ahead of time to keep your children engaged and entertained. Here are few ways which can help you to keep your Children engaged at home:…

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How to facilitate your kid get and keep organized

Are you among those parents who are concerned about the way their kids manage things? There are kids who create a little chaos. They forget their belonging  in the school, leave towels on the floor, do not pick their utensils after finishing the meal etc. Developing good organizational skills is really needed for success in life. There are some children…

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