brain development

Poetry and Brain Development

Poetry is a form of literature that expresses the intensity of emotions with aesthetics of a language. It is often conveyed through means of rhymes which gives it a specific tone and makes it easier to remember. Memory on the other is hand is nothing more than a mechanism through which our brain stores and remembers information. Poetry plays a…

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balanced diet

Balance Diet in Early Childhood

What is Balanced Diet? A Balanced Diet is one, which provides all the necessary nutrients required by our body in order to perform all the necessary functions properly in appropriate quantity and proportion. It comprises of a variety of food items to provide suitable nutrition to the body for its healthy growth and functioning. Why is it important? Our body…

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child bullying

How to Stop Child Bullying?

The other day I was getting ready and suddenly I heard voice of a child. He was crying and continuously saying, “Mama, I don’t want to go to school”. I used to hear this sentence every morning. Then I decided to ask her mother “what is the reason, why he cries so much and that too every day?” She answered,…

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child learning

Vacation Lessons for children of preschool

Vacation is nothing but a fixed period of holidays which is mostly utilized for recreation and tourism with friends and family. It is usually a period to relax the brain and enjoy a moment of peace and break from the daily monotonous schedule. It can help revitalize our brain cells and increase our productivity in return. A vacation can be…

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Trauma Impacts And Affect Kids

How trauma impacts child’s ability?

What is trauma for a child? Child Trauma is a specific event or a series of events that happens to a child. These are scary, dangerous and violent. The child feels helpless and overwhelms in his/her ability to cope. This traumatic experience generally occurs in age group of children between 0 and 12 years. This can be the result of…

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