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How to facilitate your kid get and keep organized

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Are you among those parents who are concerned about the way their kids manage things? There are kids who create a little chaos. They forget their belonging  in the school, leave towels on the floor, do not pick their utensils after finishing the meal etc.

Developing good organizational skills is really needed for success in life. There are some children who are naturally organized, but for others it comes with practice. With help and assistance, kids can develop the right approach to getting stuff done.

Strategies  which will help your child to have an organized lifestyle :

1)Involve your children in cleaning and household tasks:

  • Children learn from parents. Try spending 15 -20 minutes daily for cleaning and organizing things. Make clean-up a fun game that’s a part of leisure.

2)Make a to-do list:

  • It is a good practice to make a to-do list as it helps in prior planning. Include regular homework and chore in the list. Tell them to keep the list in place where they can see it daily.

3)Teach them time management skills:

  • Give them specific time to complete each task. After the task is done ask them whether the time given was accurate or not. This will help your children to write the due date on school assignments.

4)Create fun memory aids:

  • Encourage children to use practical memory methods. Challenge them to createtheir own systems for the items they actually need to recall. For example mnemonics like “Never eat soggy waffles” help them to remember north, east, south and west.

5)Plan for the day ahead:

  • Before going to bed, make it a habit to plan the next day with your child. Together handle how to handle things if a change comes up in the schedule.

6)Use color code:

  • Label baskets with color codes or pictures to help fortify what goes where.

 As Williams says:

“Don’t just yell ‘Go clean!’ ’ Get in  with them the primary few times, lead by example, speak them through it, facilitate them pace themselves, facilitate them check the systems.”

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