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Happy Children’s Day

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Every year Children’s day in India is celebrated on 14th November as a tribute to Jawhar Lal Nehru. Jawaharlal Nehru,  was known for his love for children. He once quoted  “The children of today will make the  India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country”. It is celebrated to make people aware that children are real future of the country. So everyone should understand their responsibility towards their children and realize the importance of children’s day celebration.

Children’s day brings with itself so many beautiful memories of childhood. I remember this used to be the best day of the year and we celebrated it with so much  joy and happiness. There were no classes, no rules, kids were allowed to run around wherever they wanted to, teachers used to sing, dance and inact for the children. The best part was when some of the teachers used to dress up in school uniform and acted like students. We used to get so excited after seeing them.  Every year on 14th November, all of us recall how much fun we had in schools and how special we were treated by the teachers.

Today if someone asks me what is the thing which you miss the most? I would definitely say my childhood days . I think most of us today “Miss being a kid“. We were always happy with no worrries, no aims, no goals, no society for us. It was just play, study, eat and sleep. We had freedom to talk , freedom to ask questions,freedom to be mischievous and that too without fear of being judged.

This children’s day, let the child inside you come out. Do what you like the most. Sing, dance, jump, scream. Make faces after seeing people as you used to do in your childhood days. Steal flower from someone’s garden. Ring the doorbell of your neighbour and run away. Relive all those moments that you once did being a child.

“We all never grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

Happy children’s day to all those who have a sparkle of child in them”.

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