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Discovering Hobbies

What is a Hobby?

A Hobby is nothing but an activity which is done on a regular day to day basis by a person for enjoyment in his leisure time. It can be anything from taking photographs, collection of coins, postal stamps etc. to playing guitar, singing and dancing. It provides an opportunity to a person to acquire new skills, knowledge and experience.

How to discover them?

Introducing these activities in a child’s life from early years can have a great impact on the growth of the child. To discover the interests of your child you should –

 Enroll them into short term sessions of various activities such as drawing or painting workshops, singing and dancing activities, orchestra, etc.

 Make them participate in new things such as summer camps and accompany them to sports complexes and watch children playing games

 Once your child has found something that he likes you should give them time to explore the hobby themselves

 If you are good at playing some instrument or some sport you can introduce it to your children and teach them too. If not then you can always learn a new skill and teach them, which is even more fun

 Take your children and their friends out for picnics and keep in touch with their parents so that you know the interests of your childrens’ friends

 If the child wants to quit in the middle of some class – stay polite and tell him to finish the classes and then quit, this will teach them to stand by their commitment

Benefits of having good Hobbies

Having good hobbies have an overall positive impact on the personality of the child and even helps develop a healthy mind and body. Few benefits are –

 Stress reduction

 Higher confidence or self esteem

 Increase competence or capability to do a task efficiently

 Enhance Motor skills and increase coordination

 Boost creativity

 Protection against unhealthy and destructive activities

 Postive contribution to socienty, country and world at large.

​Future impact of having Hobbies

Below are a few positive impacts that Hobbies will have on your child –

 Goal setting and it’s acheivement

 Good decision making

 Problem solving – your kid will be able to plan how to tackle a problem and implement the solution(s)

 Good time management skills

 Healthy growth

Having good hobbies at an early age always helps the child attain a complete overall development which includes his mental, physical and emotional growth. Having these hobbies may also guide some of their careers in future.

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