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Digital Learning


What is Digital Learning?

Digital Learning is a new and emerging method of teaching through effective use of technology. It is becoming a trend in today’s tech savvy world. With the use of instructional and interactive user interface evolving each day to become more and more user friendly, it makes learning real fun and easy for everyone. A few things which make digital learning so attractive are as follows –

  • Adaptive learning – which identifies the users needs through a series of tests and allocate resources according to the needs of each learner
  • Badging and gamification – Earn rewards with high scores. Unlock new levels or challenges

Why to use it?

Digital learning is becoming a mandatory nowadays as it provides personalized learning tousers and help them analyze and focus on their weaknesses. Through this the users get a chance to explore and expand new learning opportunities and find their interests quickly. It involves a high level of user engagement and makes sure that the user stays glued to the screen. One of the biggest benefits of digital learning is quick, accurate and easy assessment. Furthermore, it allows the user to share the analysis reports easily with parents or coaches to identify their strengths and shortcomings – making it possible to track progress quite easily.

Different forms of Digital Learning

There are various ways through which digital learning can be made possible –

  • Interactive games – mobile applications which allow the user or kids to touch and place objects on the screen
  • Interactive websites – websites which guide the user through instructions or clues which trigger on clicking different objects
  • E-books – these are electronic or soft copies of books which have already flooded the internet. The user can buy and read them anytime and anywhere they like
  • Videos – highly skilled teachers and experts can teach you almost anything and everything in today’s world, no matter how many miles away – you can always visit YouTube and search
  • Podcasts(audio) – Many coaches and professionals use audio (podcasts) to pass on their messages / learning to their students/fans. When someone in car, user can connect their mobile devices to car via bluetooth and enjoy the audio content via phone connection.


Apart from the above perks, digital learning provides its users the huge benefits of –

  • Time – You can watch any lesson at any time you want, you can even pause and continue where you left off
  • Place – The place doesn’t really matter provided you have a device phone, tablet or computer and an internet connectivity
  • Pace – Enables the user to learn at their own pace, you can pause, rewind and play a video any number of times till you understand
  • Path – Freedom to learn things through your own ways makes learning quick and fun

Digital Learning is still an evolving field and is the future of education as it makes us learn so much in such a less time increasing our efficiency to the next level. It gives us the opportunity to clear every concept and go in as much depth of learning as we want. It has mostly all the answers to our queries and is a boon for the mankind.

However we request our users to use it moderately and to take regular breaks when they are watching screens for long time. Also please enforce dispiline with children to take break every one hour for few minutes and look far away on natural objects. This is provide some level of comfort to their eyes and promote mindfulness.

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