Anniversary Time – 4 Years of Innovation and Creativity

Child Learning Group is thrilled to announce the completion of 4 successful years in the business. It has been a glorious journey till now and with the turn of the decade, we are picking up our operational pace swiftly. cJourney and FunKidsIndia are the two pivotal products of the group. The cJourney platform is the best-in-class product for parent-teacher communication…

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How an app can help parents to track child’s daily activities?

Most kindergartens and child care providers understand the role of observation in early childhood education. It is not only about teaching, but exploration and learning to meet the developmental needs of the young learners. Observation of the child’s activities and behavior tracking becomes easier using an app. A powerful tool in the child care center or pre-schooling center reduces the…

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Digital Learning

What is Digital Learning? Digital Learning is a new and emerging method of teaching through effective use of technology. It is becoming a trend in today’s tech savvy world. With the use of instructional and interactive user interface evolving each day to become more and more user friendly, it makes learning real fun and easy for everyone. A few things…

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Celebrating Raksha Bandhan Festival

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and everyone is busy buying gifts and rakhis for their siblings. Raksha Bandhan is a one the most celebrated Indian festival in Northern part of India. This festival celebrates the special bond between brothers and sisters. There are different stories related to Raksha Bandhan. Toddlers may be too young to appreciate the importance of…

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