Welcome to Child Learning India

Child Learning JourneyTM is digital product suite of web portal, tablet and mobile applications.
Child Learning - India & Child Learning - United Kingdom is trying to fill the communication gap between parents of young children (5 months to 5 years) and Institutes such as nurseries, day cares, creches, primary schools regarding the child learning and development journey by using digital channels and technologies.

What we do

Child Learning Journey is a tablet and web portal application for parents and education
providers (e.g. day care, nurseries and schools) focused on children aging from 5 months to 5 years. Education providers
record child’s learning journeys i.e. daily observations, pictures, videos, audios, food dairies, education framework
on a tablet and upload it via Wi-Fi on secure servers.

  • Parents Be on top of your child’s learning, development and provide regular feedback to the education provider.
  • Teachers Easily capture activities and manage the learning and development journey of a child in an electronic format.

What is CLJ all about?

  • Secure and synchronised web and tablet applications
  • Easy to manage Digital Platform for development of your child
  • Improves efficiency by saving time and effort. Allowing you to focus more on providing best education
  • Communication gap filler for both parents and teachers. Easily share daily diary and other vital info to each other

Contact Us

We welcome parents and educational institute (or Group) like single or chain of preschools, day cares,
nurseries, creches and schools to register their interest for the Child Learning Journey (CLJ) product services.
Please select the appropriate option below, you can also email us at sales@childlearning.in