eClasses Solution

Welcome to our eClasses Solution page.

With our global footprints in eCommunications among educators, parents and pupils, we cannot hold on to present our new solution, i.e. eClasses Solution within our award-wining cJourney platform.

The cJourney platform enables easy and instant communication among teachers, parents, and pupils.

Mr. Gagan Rana, the Founder & CEO of Child Learning Group said “The key element of cJourney’s growth is its global and modular platform which works locally. The modular nature of the platform ensures it is easier for institutes, parents, and pupils to operate and adapt smoothly. And the addition of the eClasses Solution within cJourney mix will put us in a unique position in the global education technology market."

What is eClasses Solution?

An eClass is an online classroom, which is a digital replica of a traditional classroom. The teacher teaches, and the participants learn in real-time, face-to-face but via internet-enabled technology devices. The classroom – whiteboard – remains intact. Brainstorming, ideation, and discussions happen in real-time. Tests are given and taken pre and post the session. The reports are ready right after the session is over.

Everything remains the way it is. The only difference is: an online classroom or an eClass uses technology to support instruction and learning. eClasses Solutions offer more flexibility over a traditional classroom. Both the instructors and learners can have rich experience of collaborating with other learners and instructors from around the world.

Live Webinar/eClass
Screen Share
Access in multiple devices
Easy to manage

The enormous uncovered on 12th August 2020 in the UK and in India. Contact us to start your eClasses now!!

As mentioned above, cJourney is currently offering eCommunications to global educators, parents and pupils. The key features under eCommunications are:-

  • Teacher/children Management
  • Media Message/Send files
  • Daily Diary
  • Attendance Marking and Viewing
  • Fee management
  • Live Comment, Chat and Call
  • GPS tracking
  • Document upload

Additionally, cJourney also offers event management, automatically sending of SMS and automatic in-app notifications for message or event.

Presently the inquiry emerges, what is the advantage you will get from it?

So the appropriate response is; our costs, which are practically 30% to 50% less when contrasted with some other par applications.

There’s no match to cJourney. cJourney is the only platform which provides eCommunications and now eClasses Solution – all in one place. So that our institutes, parents, and pupils don't have to use multiple applications and instead just use one i.e. cJourney. Moreover, it’s enabled for global usage too with very interactive design and simplicity.

Our motto is simple: One child, one solution, and one amazing journey – only with cJourneyTM.

Recently we also started to sell electronics devices to institutes and parents at discounted prices. Visit eDevices Page for more information.